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Other Services

Fee Schedule

Revised Fees are effective as February 1, 2022


Checking Fee Schedule

Checking fees and rates for our services.
Overdraft - each OD paid*$30.00
Non-Sufficient Funds - each**$30.00
Charge Back Fee$5.00
Stop Payment - each$25.00
Stop Payment - per block of checks$35.00
Account Research - per hour$20.00
Balance Protection - per transfer$1.00
Cashier's Checks $5.00
Counter Checks - per pad$4.00

*Fee applies to overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal, or other electronic means.

**Fee applies to non-sufficient funds created by check, in-person withdrawals, or other electronic means.


Safe Deposit Boxes

Our Safe Deposit Box rates.
Small - per year$15.00
Medium - per year$20.00
Large - per year$25.00
Small - per year (non-customer)$20.00
Medium - per year (non-customer)$25.00
Large - per year (non-customer)$30.00
Safe Deposit Box Key - per key$15.00
Safe Deposit Box Lock Replacement$125.00

Wire Transfer

Our Wire Transfer fees.

Misc Services

A list of our miscellaneous
Coin Redemption - non-customers20%
Copy of Document from Arc Image$2.00
Deposit Bag - locking$10.00
Deposit Bag - non-locking$5.00
Fax-out - first page $1.00ea, then$3.00
Fax-in - per page$1.00
Garnishments, Leviesvaries
Instant Cash & Check Card - per month$1.00
Notary Fee - per stamp$1.00
Phone Transfer - per request$1.00
Photocopies - first one free$0.25
Problems with generic checks & deposits$5.00
Statement Copies - ea$2.00
Statement Copies to Customer's Accountant$5.00
Statement Copies with Images$5.00
Statement Reconciliation - per hour$20.00
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